[Posted March 16th, 2015 by: Amy’s Skin Care ]

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Softer, cleaner, healthier skin is just a spa treatment away with our Green Peel facial. This revolutionary treatment is designed to repair, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.

While you may know what the treatment does, you might not know all the background on it. The following is a look at three little-known facts about this particular custom spa treatment that you will benefit from knowing.

Green Peel Has Been Around for Over 50 Years

A little over half a century ago, this invigorating spa treatment was created by an individual named Christine Schrammek. Christine’s goal was to create a facial cleansing system that would help women repair their dry, damaged skin. She was successful in her mission, and this spa treatment is the result of her hard work.

It has been over 50 years, and Christine has created multiple products and treatments that are designed to help improve everyone’s skin – not just women’s. There are three different types of herbal facial peels and there are over two dozen take-home products available.

All-Natural Ingredients

Many of our clients are worried about using harsh, chemically based ingredients to repair their skin. If you choose this spa treatment, you will not have to worry about unnatural or invasive ingredients, as everything is 100% natural.

The active ingredients, which are essential to helping you repair and rejuvenate your skin, are all plant-based. And there are several different versions of this spa treatment, all of which use natural ingredients.

Treatment Is Only Offered by Certified Aestheticians

The only individuals who are allowed to offer and/or perform this type of spa treatment are certified aestheticians with the proper training and state-board licensure. This is very similar to the training and licensing requirements related to laser treatment for hair removal.

An aesthetician cannot just perform this type of spa treatment. He or she must attend several training seminars and/or lectures before being qualified to perform this treatment on other individuals. This requirement guarantees that the spa treatment is performed correctly, each and every time.

The Green Peel treatment is available at our luxurious spa, Amy’s Skin Care. We have a number of certified aestheticians who are just waiting to help repair dull, dry, damaged skin by offering this invigorating yet relaxing spa treatment.