[Posted October 15, 2014 by: Amy’s Skin Care ]

Smoother, brighter skin is just a spa treatment away. The Green Peel treatment, offered at our luxurious spa, helps clients of all ages repair, rejuvenate, and revitalize their skin in a way that is safe, pain free, and 100% natural.

Understanding how this spa treatment is administered and what is involved can help individuals decide if this is the right skin treatment for them. The following is a general overview of what to expect during a scheduled appointment to receive this spa treatment.

Work to Create a Customized Mixture

The mixture used for a Green Peel treatment is made up of several different vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. The solution is 100% natural and cause little to no skin irritation.

Our trained staff can create a unique solution for each client. Every client has unique skin care needs and a customized solution allows individuals to have their individual skin conditions addressed and treated.

A unique solution is created by increasing or decreasing the amount of herbal plant products to the mixture. Before the first scheduled treatment, our staff will work with our clients to create a personalized skin treatment regimen that will address a wide variety of concerns ranging from acne scarring to fine lines and wrinkles.

The Actual Treatment

Once our staff has completely evaluated our client's skin care needs and created a customized solution, it is time to receive the actual treatment. The actual treatment for this procedure takes a little under an hour.

The procedure involves massaging the newly created herbal mixture into the skin. The mixture is massaged into the skin using an intense technique that involves using circular motions and is designed to activate the peeling process.

After it has been applied to the skin, a gentle compression cloth is placed over the treatment area. This cloth keeps the mixture moist while it sits on the skin for approximately 20 minutes. One of our staff members will be applying small drops of diluted mixture to the treatment area to help keep the herbal mixture moist.

When 20 minutes has passed, the cloth is removed and the mixture is gently removed from the skin. A toning product is applied to treated area to finish the process.

The Green Peel treatment is successful in removing acne scars, repairing sun damaged skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and tightening and firming the skin. Amy's Skin Care — located in Houston, TX — has a trained and experienced staff that can administer this spa treatment and other non-surgical facelift treatments to clients.