[Posted March 10th, 2015 by: Amy’s Skin Care ]

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A non-surgical facelift can provide you with the look you have been wanting. The facelift is done with injections and even chemical peels to turn back the signs of aging. Since there is no actual surgery, there are many benefits to the procedure.

Reduced Risk of Infection

There is a long list of surgery complications that would be reviewed if you went to a cosmetic surgeon for a facelift. This includes blood loss, clotting, as well as infection. There is no incision being made with this alternative form to a facelift, so there is a dramatic reduction in risk for any kind of infection.

Faster Recovery Time

You will experience a faster recovery time and this is one of the main reasons why people choose to have a non-surgical facelift. Depending upon the product that is injected, results can be seen within hours of the procedure being completed. There is little to no swelling, so a person can go back to work or regular activities the next day. A typical facelift with surgery could result in six weeks or more of recovery.

Low Amount of Pain

The pain is very low with a non-surgical facelift. Some local anesthesia is used, but it is no more than a pinch that is felt when the needle goes in. There are no incisions and no stitches, so the fear of pain is removed.

No Scarring

While the visibility of scars will depend on the actual surgery as well as the surgeon who is performing it, you don’t have to worry about such a thing with a non-surgical facelift. Injections are made and those heal quickly enough so that no one ever notices a thing.

Improved Results

There can be improved results with a non-surgical facelift because of the various contouring and lifting that can be done. The focus is on where you need the help the most. An aesthetician at Amy’s Skin Care can sit down and discuss options with you during a consultation. There are various other procedures that you can explore while making your appointment, too. A Houston massage can even be scheduled as a way of helping you to relax prior to the facelift.

Long-Lasting Effect

Many of the products used in a non-surgical facelift will provide a long-lasting effect. You can look younger for six months to a year without having to worry about the need for any more fillers.